Creative Direction

Besides having a spectacular name, Rick was a top director at Arnson Communications, creating eye-popping videogame cinematics for Electronic Arts. Superman Returns The Videogame,  Medal Of Honor: Rising Sun and NBA Live: 2005 are a few of the blockbuster titles he’s helmed. Why, some gamers even stated that Rick’s cinematic for Superman Returns “is better than the actual movie.”* Rick couldn’t agree more. From a cyberscan of Pierce Brosnan, to a cyberscan of Tom Cruise, he has virtually worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


As a director for Arnson Communications, Rick has commanded a virtual world full of exciting cg characters, events and environments. From thumbnails to editorial through final polishing, Rick was involved on every level of creating some of the most beautiful and engaging videogame cinematics ever created. By a human. Rick often partnered with a CG vendor to produce the visuals. At other times he recorded game capture, enhancing it with motion graphics.


Rick also directed a live action spot for Capri-Sonne and was the Effects supervisor on another. For Capri-Sonne: Beach Patrol, he not only directed and supervised the effects shoot, he personally composited 92% of all the effects and created the motion graphics. Other projects include motion graphic design and execution for an opening sequence for Rhino Records and the Real World 10th Anniversary Special.