V F X Tools

*ign.com, 2007

What is All You Can Eat Drive Through about? It’s there in the title. Heaps of high end compositing at your convenience. How can we offer such great quantity at such great value? Check out our tools.

Our first tool is RICK SHICK. He is an artist with an eye for problem solving. Rick is a long time visual effects artist working on the large and small screen. From big and splashy to the invisible, Rick loves to tackle all kinds of compositing challenges. The challenge-y the better. Men In Black III, Green Lantern, I Am Legend, Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider and The Chronicles of Narnia are merely a few of the over 66 projects in which he’s had a hand.  Rick was also part of the Oscar winning visual effects team on Spider-Man 2. CG integration, traveling matte split screens, live action plate alteration, keying, tracking, rotoscoping, plate repair, hand drawn energy effects, paint, warping, and a bunch of other words describe the scope of his talent.

Our second tool is the compositing software NUKE X, by the Foundry. NUKE X comes jam-packed with tools to give Rick greater freedom to tackle complex compositing challenges in new and efficient ways. The extended tool set allows him to work efficiently, interactively and in the context of the visual effects process. NUKE X features the core Nuke toolset complimented with exclusive cutting edge tools to ease day to day compositing tasks without having to leave the package… much.

 Our third tool is indespensable to realistic invisible photographic manipulation. Come on, say it with me, PHOTOSHOP. For matte painting and some paint fixes that require more subtlety than NUKE X can quickly deliver, Rick relies on PHOTOSHOP to get any project to the level of perfection that it requires. It’s not always needed, but it’s always there just in case you need Rick to need it. Mmmm. PHOTOSHOP.